Shenanigans of the Great Indian Weddings

Shenanigans of the Great Indian Weddings

With my huge printed mug of coffee, sitting on my patio, I reminisce about my big day. Though, not a movie fanatic, I’ve seen in movies that wedding day, is something dreamlike. Like butterflies in the stomach, raised on the palkhi, perfect ten makeup, aristocratic celebrations, an ambience that feels like an Erid Blyton escaped, ecstasy more potent than the crack. But to my dismay, that wasn’t the real-life experience and get kinda irksome.

Meanwhile, gulping one more dose of caffeine, into my system, I recall, how that heavy lehenga made me weary, in the morning, I tell not to bejewel me like a temple goddess, my family gets a heart attack as if I bought a kaala-dhaag on their tide-safedh lineage. Greasy face and makeup done, sadly to have woken up with broken skin, the next morning. Not only I, even my skin did suffocate.

Anyways, reaching the banquet hall, marching towards the embellished chair and feeling breathless due to the overcrowd and morose for not being the centre of attention, where half the people are fervently waiting for lunch announcement and rest of the inquisitive aunties, towing my neck to see the jewellery. I ruminate, why better these go into a jewellery store, where an exquisite collection is displayed, rather bruising me.

Being dehydrated entire day just to avoid the quandary of going to the loo, wearing the trousseaus. Being hungry, as a bride is supposed to be kept for display and not to have lunch until the end of the show. Sole is bruised by the dread of high heels stiletto, faking a smile for every photography with half the crowd, which is unknown, lest the new bride is seen as discourteous. Alas!!! I can keep enlisting my grievance.

I, today ponder, if anything that could be changed, what would? I genuinely believe, everything!

Why the weddings can’t be a simple intimate affair, rather a brew of an extravaganza, pride and vanity. Overindulgence has reached the dizzy heights with the LCD-invitation cards to gold and silver foiled, new additives of the festive event each year thus feast lasting up to a week or ten days straight. Gastronomical selection of food to satiate the palate of the guests and yearning desire to be the best. Weddings are much likely the jewellery and garment expo, where ladies are competing at the risk of their husband’s wallet and his life. It has become a trend to invite politicians, bureaucrats and big-shots, even if they are not related so that one shot with them, meliorate the families stature and the politics of business. Dowry nowadays is concealed as gift-giving out of love. The one who can’t afford, refuse to give up as he is well-assured of banks existence, which is happy to fill him up with bombastic debts.

We deserve all the joy, celebration and family-gathering. But while we do that, why be an impersonator. Marriage is not a competition to display one’s status quo but it is a ceremony of bonding between two souls, where the sacred promises are made and once-in-a-lifetime kinda moment for the bride and the groom. I am not being a crusader, against the marriage as whole or the shenanigans involved in the process but of the melancholy concept of consumerism.

Hoping the current generation of educated youth come up with the concept of a simple yet esthetic wedding. Saving the pain of living their life paying debts and worrying about the future. If one is a millionaire heiress, give away the excess in charity, which is going to breed content and gratification. And one day, this becomes the latest trend. Wow, this would be an extent of my La La Land.


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  1. Very well written sentences and Cathy words that doesn’t bore the reader !
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