India, where Rape is Holier than Thou!!

India, where Rape is Holier than Thou!!

Rape, the most barbaric affliction a human can cause to the other. In India alone, a girl is raped every 15 min, and only 10% of rapes are reported. Gross is, highest per capita rate of rape, is in the capital city of the country, Delhi. A sample survey by Human Rights Watch projects concludes more than 7,200 minors in 100,000 minors are raped each year in India. India was ranked 7th worst by Maplecroft study in sex trafficking and crime against minors. 20%–25% of all women experience a completed or attempted rape during their 4–5-year college period. By some estimates, one out of four women will be the victim of sexual assault in her lifetime. Wow, and then we are busy gulping down greasy samosas and policy-makers inciting hate.

Sadly, India is a country full of “Rape Myth” and Indians live in a bubble. Only if you are out in the club, you get raped; if you wear mini-shorts you get abused. If you wear bold lipstick, it’s a ping-me sign; nights are risky, strangers are dangers. The truth is more abhorrent, 2/3rd of the victims know their attacker, and assaults commonly take place in the home of either the victim or the rapist. If anybody thinks rapist have a portfolio, that they wear a long grey trench coat, homeless, uncombed and unbuttoned, hang out in vacant buildings, with a thick beard and have nympholepsy, then you are absolutely wrong. A rapist can be anyone, it could be your uncle who buys you candies, a driver who you entrust, a teacher who is highly regarded, a cousin, a gardener who mows your lawn and knows your moves, a friend, a neighbour, a colleague. Just anybody!!!!

Who to blame ??? Media, which showcases nudity and women’s body as a mere sexual object; Childhood environment, raised in strong patriarchial structure, where women are disregarded; Biology aka sexual norm. You can always shift the blame and yes its contributing factor too. But not every man groomed in that same situation turns into a monster. I strongly blame the dip-shit law, that grant them bail, churn them dal in the jail, show them leniency, grace their biology, scatterbrains taking their side, support from the family and grossly cockeyed lawyers fighting for them proving their not-so-innocence. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rape is a bloody devastating crime. Women are badly injured. Some become pregnant, contract HIV and STD’s, recurrent panic attacks, depression, the gnawing emotional pain that numbs them for life. Pitiful is that rapists choose those who are vulnerable, which is why children and even the elderly are at risk. The psychologically blunt male gets euphoric at the thought of causing hurt, the faux feeling of strength, a made-up sense of manhood. Sick enough to interpret a smile or basic ‘hi’ of women as they are signs of invitation, friendly gesture and complements as the acceptance of their sordid thoughts. The madden testosterone may need to be tamed or the bloody organ may need to be chopped.

It’s never possible to chasten a raper. Because he comes up with excuses and never fully admit, he is the sole offender. Like, believing himself as a victim of society, claiming macho society that made him that. Switching blame on his prey, as she was too tempting and he wanted her, as she was not available, he forcefully got her. Most often than not, the justification is pure dogshit.

Do 85-year-old women and three-week-old babies too fall into the tempting category?? Then you are in a repulsive, nauseating, loathsome unending pit of disgust.

Most rapes go unreported because the victims fear retaliation and humiliation, both in India and throughout the world. Woefully, victims who do report are alleged to suffer mistreatment and humiliation from the police. Victims suffer ostracism and culprit roam like macho, seeking his next feed, as he is very convinced, he wouldn’t be reported or if done bail is next easy thing in our law.

Reports have shown that mass rape has been carried out by both Indian Armed Forces and militant groups in J&K, unforgettable Nirbhaya gang-rape, Unnao rape case of a minor by a lawmaker himself, Shakti Mills gang-rape of a journalist, 16-year old in Jharkhand raped and burnt, a 4-month baby raped and murdered in MP, Kandhamal gang rape case, Kathua rape case, which took place in a temple for days together and the unending list can go on and on. It’s time for the Government to hang its head in shame.

Given that the perpetrators include powerful men and skanky politicians, millions of India’s women remain at risk.

But, not everything is gloomy!!!! There’s a solution for the bravado act of filth to be totally uprooted. If and only if, a sensible action is taken. Few of them would be, bloody, “Hang the rapist” in front of the public. Letting the victim, “Stone rapist to Death”, yeah, a bloody death. Throw them into Tihar jail and “Starve them till Death”. If so-called humanitarians feel, these are barbaric, then throw them into some cage or forests, where hungry wild animals crave for food and in turn, save the life of those poor beings which are destroyed by human ourselves.

By executing Death as a sentence, it sends down chill in the nerves of those who get even a brazen thought of such brutality. When the law-makers awakening? When are we seeing our India, swacch from all the nuisances?

5 thoughts on “India, where Rape is Holier than Thou!!

  1. Good keep writting, I liked most of the content which u documented that showcases the current scenario towards the sexual harrassment one should stand tall to all such henious crimes, you can ellaborate more on particular cases like Asifa where readers gets the complete information on how much henious dat crime was. I appreciate ur contribution for the society keep writing blogs keep enlighting people

  2. Written nicely and may be everry other person has same thing to say .let us take a step forward and do something about it .Let the court also understand that these type of people are not human but animals and they should be hanged in front of public so other psycho take lessons and stop doing this thing.The girl who gets raped has no religion she is only a girl may it be hindu ,muslim or anybody. I appreciate u for writing on such a sensitive matter .keep writting

  3. Omg what a horrible state of affairs! Thank you for bring this to the public’s attention. I will pray for a solution and justice for all the victims!

    1. Yes, that’s right India do need great reform in justice. Not everything is gloomy but dirty politics is definitely the one thing that has kept India in “developing country” mode. Paradox is, the same country with abundant natural & human resource 🙃

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