Does Feminism make sense ?

Does Feminism make sense ?

It’s quite an overused pretext, from wearing tees quoting I AM FEMINIST in bold, hosting the flag of feminism, to being feminist termed cool. If only those who scream “F” know why the hullaballoos about. Basically, feminism means to establish total equality of sexes in all areas of life and the feminists, are those, who support the act.

If feminism merely means showcasing armpit hair and dying them with glitter and naming itGlitter Pit, assuming SlutWalk ends slut shaming and flaunting the hoards written PROUD SLUT. My body my choice, has gone far ahead with the new campaign Shout Your Abortion, where a woman says her abortion story without regret and yes, the poor baby couldn’t tell it’s.

Piss For Equality, another crazy campaign where feminists peed their pants and posted it on social media. Free The Nipple, where the pop stars of the likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus catalyzed the moment, women went baring the insides with zest, claiming they wanted the same right as men to go topless on the street. Women getting intoxicated and getting wasted on perverts under the slogan My Body My Choice. Duh!!!!! & the list of crazy act continues.

If those are the means to showcase women power and equality of sexes, it’s such a dud!!

Know why? Women are superior to men in many aspects by default.

Starting with Longevity, women score the list. Women have better Immune System, thanks to the estrogen, which acts as a military system attacking unwanted bacterias and viruses. Women are blessed with two X-chromosomes by the good Lord, hence if one of it is mutated, there’s other for the defence, thus saving her from X-linked diseases, whereas poor men have only one X-chromosome.

Women have the Higher Pain Tolerance, noticed how she bravely insert her hand inside steaming water to check the hotness and scoff the accidental burns caused by a hot pan, whilst men scream like a drama queen. Women have Higher Emotional Quotient than men, hence less violent and aggressive. Women are negligible in the number of serial killers and near zero counts of rapist. Women make for Better Driver as they tend to follow the rules of the road and are mindful whilst hitting the accelerator. Women make better Leaders as they are more Just, Compassionate and Trustworthy.

Women have better Memory Power, rings the bell ah! When she vomits out all that happened two years ago without a blink in an argument, when men merely depend on women to find their misplaced keys and sock. Women make better cops than men as their Negotiating skills are sharply better than men and no wonders when she bargains in the market for half the price. Women make for superb Multi-taskers, ever seen mothers juggling with a spatula, phone and simultaneously changing the diaper.

& the mother of all is the blessing of Reproduction she is bestowed with, which can never equate to anything powerful in this wide galaxy. Of course, every other sex is stemmed from her, within her and through her.

Now, why discriminate sexes or scream the lungs out to prove womanhood is nothing less. In fact, it is superior to men in some facet, equal to men in some. It is clearly visible to a man with senses intact.

“On the left side of a strong woman, stands a strong man; he is strengthened by her character.” 
― Ellen J. Barrier

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