Cameron Highlands Trip Itinerary

Cameron Highlands Trip Itinerary

Cameron Highland is a district in Pahang, Malaysia, around 200 km from KL, the capital city of Malaysia. It consists of eight main towns, Brinchang, Bertam Valley, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja. It is one of the most visited places by tourists and locales, for its natural settings, hiking, trekking, coffee plantations and climate.

Highland is named after British explorer, William Cameron, as he discovered the place during a mapping expedition. The Britishers treated Cameroon as their retreat, to escape the tropical heat and road was drilled to the highland which is 2600ft-5259ft above sea level. Highest peak being Mt Irau at 6922ft above the sea level.

Enough with the brief, Lets jump into how we grazed through 2 Days & 1 Night in Cameron:
Journey Began:
We(2 boys and 3 girl gang) started from KL via rented Almera Sedan (Go Car) 100RM/day, at sharp 6:45 am. Hungry us wanted to grab an McD breakfast but sadly we didn’t find one. There were other cafes like Starbucks, Costa Coffee etc. We were adamant in wanting only McD, leading us to reach the foot of Cameron. Voila, now was the time to finally settle for what we get, as the stomach was grumbling.

Lata Iskandar Waterfall:
First, we found Lata Iskandar waterfall, where we had our breakfast. I had Nasi Lemak and the rest had fried rice etc. It was a small bistro serving local food only. We did find unique local fruits too, I set my hands on Mangosteen and is now very fond of it. Very sweet and fleshy fruit, “yummy” in a word. The water from the falls was clean, white, chill and sparkling.

Spent time: 30mins
Washing hands and faces, inhaling fresh air and clicking photos.

Bharath Group Tea Plantation:

Next, on the way up, we found the beautiful tea estate. We stopped by to have tea, which was okay. Sipping masala tea whilst gazing at the plantation was relaxing and much less hot than KL (not cold so far).

To enter the plantation we had to pay an entree fee of 2RM each. We did the same and took a stroll inside, which was fun. Coming up, some faces were faded, our team was good. Overall a pleasant visit.

Spent time: 45mins.
Drinking tea, strolling in, clicking photos.

Strawberry farm and Honey Bee farm:

A trip to Cameron without visiting one of the multitudes of farms is like not worth a visit. There are many, we chose Kek Lim Strawberry and Honey Bee Farm and even tried to get into Big Red Strawberry Farm, where we couldn’t find parking space.

In these farms, we can pluck strawberry on own, pay for them and eat it. No entry fee. We bought two big boxes for 20RM, which is cheap considering Village Grocer and Aeon prices in KL.

Honey was expensive 132RM for 500gm, which the farm guy was lauding it to be the purest and anti-ageing. Well, we are in our 20’s, so we could think later than pay that price.

Spent time: 30mins
Eating chocolate coated strawberry, more strawberry, buying souvenirs, clicking pics, haggling for honey.

NOTE: There’s a Tunnel Museum by the side of this farm, which we happily ignored. But, I’ve heard its an interesting place for a visit.

Cameron Square:
Hunt for Mc D began as it was lunchtime. But Cameron doesn’t have one. That’s great. It’s like a big fish that eats all the small fish. So we went into local hotel hunt and found an Arabic Restaurant at Cameron Square, which is an only mall there. We ordered Biryani and Pizzas. Yummy!

You can even visit a spa there if you want to relax, but as we took a trip to unwind, the spa was easily checked off.

Spent time: 1hr
Ordering food, waiting, eating, clicking photos.
Lavender Garden:

10RM entry fee and we were excited. It was our first time seeing the lavender flowers in real apart from movies. Lavender ice cream amongst some photo ops was the main attraction here than the fewer lavender plants in the garden. There’s a strawberry farm inside too.

Spent time: 25-30mins
Eating lavender ice cream, clicking photos of course.

Gunung Jasar:

From now onwards my kind of travel began, unlike touristy type.
Gunung Jasar is 6666 ft above sea level, It takes 3 to 4hrs (approx 12km), to trek to the peak.

But my team was a lazy bougie ass or so were they by mid noon and we chose to drive up. Argh!!!!! In our sedan, with a proficient driver aka the husband, we geared up to peak. Only after we returned back, did we know that the route to the peak is inaccessible through cars but only by 4WD. Hallelujah!! Perhaps now is the time to extol the driving skill of the Mr.

Well, the drive was smooth, though the route was narrow(one vehicle space). At one spot there was a little hurdle, where we got down to fix the route for the tyres to pass. Apart from that, it was a fun drive. Thank God, it didn’t rain either.

The peak can be enjoyed to the fullest by the ones who toiled to reach. There was nothing panoramic view except for dense bushes and huge transmitter. And for the city dwellers like us, fresh air.

Time spent: 30mins Inhaling pure oxygen, photos.

Gunung Irau:
Mt Irau is the highest mountain in Pahang, 6922ft above sea and 15th highest mountain in Malaysia. 3-4hrs is required to trek this beauty. We did meet the ones who had already trekked the mountain and they were glorifying the beauty of flora and fauna they come across.

Coming down from Mt Jasar, we did see a board written “Mossy Forest”, we swiftly made an entry into that, learning that is the way up to Mt Irau. But, we later found out that prior permission is required to trek Mt Irau as it’s a tough trail and can be a bit risky. If caught off guard, then one has to pay a hefty fine of 10000RM-50000RM.

But we could still enter the lane written “Mossy Forest” where the trail is made up of plywood until 45mins of leisure hike. We had no option but settling for that stroll and it was getting darker too. Walking 15mins inside, we did find a “view tower”, we ascended up along stairs and caught a glimpse of panoramic view and sunset.

Time Spent; 45mins
Being silent, meditate, deep breathing the luxury of fresh oxygen, viewing the sunset, the clouds, clicking pictures and screaming for echoes at last.
Back to Cameron Square:
It was around 8 pm, we wanted a caffeine rush. Headed straight to Old Town in the mall, ordered coffee and snacks. And a quick visit to a kiddish kind mini amusement park, as two of the girls, wanted to whirl in a giant wheel.

Time Spent: 40min
Giant wheel ride, ordering, waiting, eating, freshen up, resting, re-energising.

Brinchang Night Market:
We boarded the car and into the nearby town Brinchang, few mins from the mall. It was nothing but the tiny stalls in line, where you can buy fresh produce of fruits and vegetables, for a cheaper price(comparing to KL), some clothes, potted plants, local food.

Nothing much interesting, we did enjoy the weather. As in the daytime, it was normal, nothing like a highland. During the day temperature can rise up to 25℃ and night can be cool(sometimes 9℃). Nothing like freezing chill.

Time Spent:30mins
Strolling, buying fruits.

NOTE: If you want to visit the day market, you can proceed to nearby Kea Day Market, in the daytime of course. We ignored this, but on the way back to KL, we did get a glimpse of it on move.
Kea town is popular for day and Brinchang for the night market.
Off to Airbnb:
We jet-set to finally go to our condo, booked via Airbnb at Kg Raja. 3BHK, reasonable price, clean, kitchen and bathroom attached. It was a good night stay. Nothing fancy, we just wanted a room to sleep.

Airbnb is the best choice, hotels can be tad expensive.
Next Day:
Woke up at 7(we slept at 1:30), by the time lazy arses (LOL) got ready it was 9:30. Straightly headed for an Indian breakfast to the nearby town, Tanah Rata. Walking distance from this hotel is the starting point of Trail No.10, behind Oly Appartments.

Trail No 10:
It was one of the moderate hard trails. Not very hard but stamina is required as one is ascending up (anti-gravity). Initially, it seemed like a cakewalk, but later the tiresome does show. Refreshing walk overall, not kid friendly. It was fun and a good way to burn our excess calories and a break from city pollution. Just pure air. A good hike to prepare for further heavy duty treks. Pretty good peak view, bird-eye view of Tanah Rata and nearby towns.

I had a chocolate and chicken fry in the morning (its funny) and it did reverse back on me by crashing my BP(sugar crush maybe). I had to rest for 10mins to get back from blackout and start by loosening my clothes. I wore a denim haha:)

Time Spent: 3hrs up and down (coming back to same place, Oly appt).
Hiking, deep breathing, clicking photos, sitting on the hill.

NOTE: Eat healthy maybe a banana and light breakfast and water. Wear comfy clothes.
Orang Asli:
From the peak, 20mins ahead, one can even go into Orang Asli Village, a native tribal village. From the information collected by the locales, we heard that now there are far fewer tribals and Government have made them settlements in town and they live there.
In a nice restaurant in Tanah Rata, we chose to have our lunch. We had good Indian style Biryani and fresh fruit juice. Tanah Rata does have good food options, Indian, Malay, Western. Yes, overall a good town.

Robinson Waterfall:
We swiftly made an exit to get into the falls. Parked the car down and few steps towards falls, it started raining. And the locals there kindly asked us to drop the plan as the route maybe tricky and slippery.
Last Evening:
We went back to Tanah Rata and wanted to visit Meri Meri Art Museum, but sadly by then, it was closed. We then went into a cafe, chit-chatted, had coffee, snacks, read books and took a stroll in the rain.
Leaving back to KL:
Around 6 pm we left back and reaching around 11 pm, meanwhile stopping over to click nature, sunset, over a hungry kitten and feeding it some biscuits and dinner.

If time and interest permit you can also visit:

Boh Tea Plantation – We just got a sneak peek on the way up to Gunung Jasar, but it was closed. It’s a beautiful place, where you can as well see the tea manufacturing process.

Agro Technology Park

Time Tunnel Museum

Sam Poh Temple

Cactus Valley

Butterfly farm

Various other strawberry and honey farms.

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