When am not in a messy bun, accoutered with damp apron, armed with a broomstick (preferably non-dust), perspiring in the women’s natural habitat (a.k.a kitchen) or listing out the grocery for my domicile, I escape into my lil imaginary world, which I fondly call La La Land, where I’m exempted to be who I’m or rather who I want.
And that is where lust (a.k.a passion) for writing did recrudesce.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?” –John Green

Hold your breath and do not wear your seatbelts as there ain’t much of an adventure ride.

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Why this BLOG?

My husband forever encouraged me to do something (apart from cooking and cleaning) to the extent of saying go out and work for free. I hastily shrug it off like with any advice. My brother-in-law once said you can become a blogger since you write so well and I laughed it off saying who’ll read mine and besides what I’ve to say?

Then there are friends, who went a notch higher saying, I can become a writer. OK! Let’s cut it short, finally after a lot of hesitation, here I am (make some noise:)), to talk about all the topics that I love, to share experiences and information,
connecting with different people, for motivating as well to get motivated, tell stories, bond as humanity, to make the voice of a matron heard and therefore the tagline “Chronicles of a Matron”.

BTW(by the way), yes you can learn some cool abbreviation, apocope and lofty words. I am known for that, if not for any. And yes, as well for my homecooked yummy pizzas.

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OKAY! Don’t I do any real job(like 9-5)?

I did. I was an educator after grad, for five months before marriage. After marriage, two months as a quality analyst in a reputed hospital, where I learnt the politics of doctors and currently suffer from latrophobia(fear of doctors and hospitals, yeah!). I remember yowling like a toddler while going to work. YES SIR, NO SIR!!, I found funny, in fact, I didn’t use those terms, addressed with respect and loved peoples first names.

Holla……….are you still there? If yes, THANK YOU. You are the greatest, you can hear the lullabies and yet not sleep.

Alright !! Besides that, I am a perfect ten(when I heavily edit my selfies), which I don’t coz I love my freckles and flaws as much as I love chocolates and chips. EAT, LIVE, PRAY.

I’d rather have high aims and aspire to eradicate poverty, infanticide, climate change and superstitions over the desire to have a thigh-gap and being size zero.

When am not thinking about all of the above, I am either watching sunset or sunrise(yes, I wake up early), sipping hot tea (yeah, I am a caffeine addict) and feeding my buddies (few pigeons, a crow, some squirrel, goat, cow, stray dogs and a dozen of cats).

Being a coastal femme, I am a beach bum and can indulge in any water sports with full gusto. Coconut water is my favourite and I am a hard-core teetotaller (ya, not even a wine, be it red or white, maroons there? Whoops, just being a moron).

If you’re still reading, a big wassail. Cheers let’s imaginary toast with a shot of sparkling water.Cheers Image

I love adventure like falling from the sky(paragliding), rowing, hiking, trekking and zip lining. These are my only bravados, besides rebuking my principal in 12th grade (oops! at the cost of board exams).

Now, listen to my sad story, I am a youtube addict, celeb gossip-column aficionado, avid googler (I secretly believe, I made Larry Page, a damn billionaire), binge watch Dr Phil, cramp my brains with Kardashian- Jenner applesauce. Besides, I know exercise is vital, yet I stack up chips and cookies, a walk to get em each time, is my dose of daily walking.

Still reading? Suffering from insomnia? Don’t worry, all do at times.

My sad story continues………. I had no boyfriend(weeping loudly, as I am alone now). I was a dullard who was in love with lame, ludicrous, dopy stuff like inspirational seminars, TED talks, motivational books and spirituality. TBH(to be honest), I heavily thank my adolescence, for keeping control amidst chaos (hormonal rush) and saving my bucks (mobile recharge, internet etc), emotions, drama and playing hide-and-seek.

Now, near sleepy ????

People who inspire me, besides my momma(for raising me as a single parent, since I lost my dad and over that educating me to be a Biotechnology engineer when my family elders had suggested marriage after 12th grade), the husband (who had/have hopes on me, the Lazy Bone(I was), shows his eternal optimism), J.K.Rowling (whose world of wizardry and magic I had peeped in my primary days, secretly grabbing a limited copy from library, Harry Potter books, I used to get carried away to Hogwarts), Dr Seuss (whose books I read as a kid and whose sayings gives a perk), sunset and clouds (displaying there’s brighter side coming up next), Oprah (my love, I love her for everything), Maya Angelou (can we forget the epic, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings), Bill Gates (for his humanitarian work and utter simplicity), Sandeep Maheshwari(our very own Dale Carnegie),all victim survivors beholding a smile (promoting hope on humanity), all hopeless optimist (who still believe AI can’t coexist and human race is superior).

I find solace in writing, to vent out the regressed emotions either by capturing life in all its vertiginous complexity or by retaliating with a punch of sarcasm.

My aspiration is, I fantasize someday seeing myself in print, not as the validation of my existence nor for the grandeur of fame or trumpets of praise but because I have a story to tell, that lives in the womb of my head, safely nurtured, wanting to deliver and live as words on the canvas.

Well now, I assume to presume (whatever it means, duh!!!!), you are in dreamland from La La Land. Oops and this is why the mister, fear when I open my unstoppable motor-mouth (vague alarm bells ringing in my head).

Anyways it was an honour to have you get a peek into my journey so far and I believe we have a long way to go together.

“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” -Ethiopian Proverb.